Wow! What an amazing semester of PE learning. I have been blown away by the effort, energy and enthusiasm shown by the students during this very different semester of Physical Education.

During Term 3, students had the opportunity to attend a live weekly class. These classes were focused on building key elements of fitness such as: Strength, Agility, Balance, Cardio-vascular and Flexibility. An element of fun was introduced into these classes by playing games such as This or That, High/Low and Heads and Tails.


A highlight of remote learning was learning how to play Hide and Seek in an online space. It was fantastic to see the students helping me to refine the game, and inspiring to see the energy and enthusiasm that was brought to each game.

One of the challenges of PE during remote learning was finding ways to exercise in small indoor spaces. I was really pleased to see many students embrace this challenge and find ways to exercise while still in front of the computer. The video above shows one of the more popular activities  – The Paper Challenge. This activity required students to move over and around 5 sheets of paper, and provided a surprisingly intense physical activity.

Another way in which students were challenged to exercise in a small space was through the Agility Ladder activity. As shown in the video, an agility ladder can provide a huge variety of movement challenges. Students were asked to create their own agility ladder and try to replicate as many of the movement sequences as possible.

Term 4 has seen students return to school, and again the energy and enthusiasm has been amazing to witness. The start of the term saw a focus on teamwork and cooperation as students (and teachers) learnt how to part of a large group. Among the activities designed to build teamwork and cooperation was the always popular “Big Ball”

Over the last several weeks students have been given the opportunity to practice the Fundamental Movement Skills of Kicking and Striking. These skills have been practiced in a series of small group rotations, which allows students to maximize the time spent practicing the skill.

Students should feel extremely proud of the effort and improvement that I have seen during this semester.