Wow! What an amazing semester of learning. Students have displayed enormous amounts of flexibility, effort and enthusiasm in what has been a very different semester of Physical Education.

During Term 3, students had the opportunity to attend a live weekly class. These classes were focused on building fitness by concentrating on a key element of fitness such as: Strength, Agility, Balance, Flexibility and Cardio-vascular. A strong element of fun was introduced into these classes through the playing of games such as Heads or Tails, This or That and High/Low.

During these classes, students were encouraged to think about how exercise made them feel, and the effect that exercise had on their body. Examples of the types of questions asked are shown below.

  1. How do you feel before starting the workout?
  2. How do you feel immediately after finishing the workout?
  3. How do you feel 10-15 minutes after the workout?

The impact of the various types of exercise was also discussed. Students were encouraged to think about a particular exercise and determine if it was an exercise designed to grow cardio-vascular fitness, or if it was a muscle/strength building exercise.

Students also had the opportunity to participate in the BEPS PE Olympics. This was an activity that allowed students to choose from 16 different events – these events ranged from the traditional (fastest lap of the velodrome) to the obscure (longest time standing on one leg). The idea of this activity was to try to show the benefit of practice. It was awesome to see that so many students improved in their chosen events with practice. Please click on the link below to see all the events.

P.E Olympics Final

With the help of the many of the students I was finally able to unlock my phone. This activity provided a surprisingly high intensity cardio workout, in combination with some physical and mental dexterity. Activities such as “Unlock my phone” and “The Paper Challenge” allowed students to undertake some moderate to high intensity physical activity within the restrictions of space and equipment.

Term 4 saw the return of students to school, and they brought a tremendously positive energy. At the start of term, this energy was directed into activities designed to enhance Teamwork and Cooperation. This was particularly important as students (and teachers) learnt how to be part of a large group again. A popular activity during this period was the return of the Big Ball.

Over the last few weeks students have participated in a series of small group activities to practice the Fundamental Movement Skills of Striking and Kicking. The small group rotation format of these lessons allows students to maximize the time spent practicing the skill.

Throughout the year, a major focus during PE has been on the developing an awareness of the importance of fair play. The importance of winning and losing in a graceful manner is constantly emphasized, along with recognizing that games and activities work best when everyone follows the rules.

Students should feel extremely proud of the effort, energy and enthusiasm that they have displayed in PE this semester.