For the last few weeks the sports group Tchoukball hasn’t been able to play tchoukball.
As you may have seen, the trucks have ripped up the oval that BEPS has just grown. We are all just as angry as you are and everyone wants to have a nice soft oval to play soccer, footy ECT.
Instead of playing tchoukball (the classic game Peter used to play at school camp!) we played a game called handball. Handball is when you have two nets and one ball you split your group in two and so that you have two teams. The rules are that you are that you are not allowed to take more then 5 steps, 5 is the limit. you have a goalie an attacker a defender and the rest are sort of just trying to get a goal. If we are not playing handball we are either playing memory skittles, memory tag, a warm up of spider or something completely new. Sometimes we just play around with games to make them more interesting and fun.

That has been the blog of this week! The 5th of August 2016
And let’s just hope that the oval will clear up soon!!!
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